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This international version of the course is based on UK regulations. Now, the reason we use that is because the UK have got some of the strictest regulations on health and safety in the world. Now, the HSE, the Health and Safety Executive, are the government body who oversee health and safety in the UK. So what we have done is we still use the same videos and the same technologies and ideas within health and safety in the workplace and you will hear on some of the videos we refer to the HSE. So in this video, we are just looking at the HSE, who they are and why we still keep them. In the videos when you hear a reference to the HSE, what you need to do at that point is think about what the rules and regulations are in your country. It is going to be impossible for us to create a course for every single country in the world. But where you hear this HSE reference, you can look at that as the best practice, but if there are any special policies, procedures or rules and regulations that apply in your territory, then you need to apply these in that particular subject.