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Now we are moving on to our self-rescue breathing apparatus, escape sets. Again, like many other pieces of equipment out there, different manufacturers, different designs. The ones we are looking at here have been out for quite a while, and are favoured by many sorts of utilities, for example, water, and this particular one, as you can see, it glows in the dark, you have a gauge. And as we peel it back, we are going to make sure, first of all, the pin is not ready to go off. Out comes the mask. Inside, we have got a cylinder, the cylinder has to be tested within five years, and here we have the pin. Finally, we have got the mask itself. Lung demand valve. You have got to have a face fit test. It fits on to the face. As you take a sharp in-breath, it then deploys, and you are able to breathe and have as much air as you feel, that is why it is called on-demand. So that is one type that is used by various industries.

Another one, construction is identical. Again, always check your gauge. As you peel it back, make sure the pin is now released. As I pull off this one, we do not have a face mask like that, we have now a hood. This came in as a way of getting around the problem of people who have got a beard or wear glasses, because you are unable to get a proper face seal, whereas this one, you can still maintain your beard, you can still wear glasses, because all you are doing is stretching this over your face, onto your face, and it gives constant pressure. So when it is deployed, you will get a maximum of 10 minutes, but that is all you get. Where with this one, you do regulate, to a certain extent, what you need. If you are under a lot of work, or any stressful situation, then you can imagine you will then use more oxygen up. So always bear that in mind. What we have got here is the maximum of 10 minutes.