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We need to make sure we have got readily available a first aider. Now let us have a look at some of the equipment that is recommended to have available, just in case. First of all, very front of this pack is an AED. Now, we know that AEDs, defibrillators, come in various shapes, sizes, and makes and models. But you got to have one that is fully working and ready to go. Next, inside, there has to be some means of resuscitation. So, where we look at means of resuscitation, we have got a bag and mask, we might have some face shields. Various sort of equipment like for cutting clothing, bandages, packs for burns. So, we make sure we have got a reasonable range of equipment in case of an emergency situation. So, an incident has occurred. 

We have the opportunity now with the use of all this various equipment to ensure we keep the person alive. We are able to maintain and deal with any injuries they may have. Because we have still got to wait for emergency services to arrive, and that can take who knows how many minutes. So, what we do in those early stages can make such a difference to a person. Having good familiarity with the first aid equipment, and a good qualified first aider will make the difference to that individual.