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In and around confined spaces, there are many hazards we need to be aware of. One could be the equipment we have. Potential trips. Then we have the fact that we may have opened up a confined space. The risk of falling and being injured. So, we have got to make sure that we have good barriers in place. So, like in this training venue, we have got barriers in place. We have got signs that state only authorized personnel are to enter into that particular area. We do not know who could be around, members of the public, other workers. 

We need to ensure that they cannot come into contact with any potential dangers. If we are working, for example, in a manhole out in the middle of a road, barriers must be put into place. Flashing lights, particularly if someone is working at night-time. All these forms of various rules and regulations ensure the safety of both the public and other people who could be working in these areas. So, make sure we have proper barriers in place. Barriers are a requirement in the confined space regulations, as well as good signage. Has the confined space been signed up to clearly state it is a confined space and usually that a permit of work is required? Make sure that all confined spaces comply with the signage regulations.